Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of... October

I hate to post twice in one day, but after posting my BMW post this afternoon, my friend Jenna challenged me to join a 31 Days blogging challenge. I signed up, then read the fine print--they want you to write about the same topic for 31 days. AND come up with a cute name for it. AND create a graphic "button" to put on their webpage so everyone can read each other's blogs (except there's like a thousand of them). It was cool to look through some of their buttons and topics. I even clicked on a few to try and get inspiration.

But I don't think I can write about the same thing for 31 days. The closest thing I could think of was 31 Days of Missed Comments, as in, often I say something funny (particularly in a group) and no one hears because they're still laughing at the last thing someone else said or are just trying to say their next thought, and didn't hear/acknowledge my statement. Another missed comment subcategory is when I think of the perfect thing to say an hour too late.

But I'm not going to hold myself to that because I feel like there are some days when Josh and Rye are the only people I interact with. And I will repeat myself as many times as necessary to make sure Josh and Rye soak in what I'm saying.

So instead, I'll be writing random blogs, which I will hopefully keep short (I'm sure that got some "yeah, right" thoughts), and I will not be posting them on Facebook unless I think they are genuinely funny/interesting. It will be interesting to me to see what percentage will meet that target.

If you are interested in your own 31 Days challenge, here's the link. And let me know where to read your stuff!

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